As Europe turns it eye to the future, we at Google EU were able to share the excitement by celebrating the opening of our new office ('Googleplex' in the jargon).

Here are some photos from the event. Until now, our small policy team in Brussels worked from temporary abodes. From now on, you can find us on the Chaussée d'Etterbeek / Etterbeeksesteenweg, right in the heart of the European quarter.

The new office sports typical, colourful Google touches - from the bright coloured furniture to game consoles and Babyfoot game. Hopefully, some of our readers will get a chance to visit us here as we plan to be holding regular Tech Talks. We hope to make our new Brussels Googleplex a periscope for policymakers peering into the future of the Internet.

Posted by Simon Hampton, Director of European Policy and Public Affairs