Three months ago when we launched Fast Flip, a new service in Google Labs designed to improve the way people read articles online, our launch partners were almost all American. Today, we're excited to announce that UK newspapers are joining the experiment, with three national titles: the Telegraph, the Independent and the Daily Express.

Along with these UK outlets, more than 50 new publications are joining the experiment today, bringing the total number of participating publishers to about 90. We have received good feedback from users and publishers, and we're pleased that more publishers are joining innovative services such as Fast Flip.

Fast Flip is just one of the ways we work with publishers to help them find ways to boost traffic to their websites, better engage users and make more money. As recently as last week we announced Living Stories with the Washington Post and the New York Times, as another Labs product which features new ways to interact with news and the quality of reporting. As with Fast Flip, we're excited to learn from this experiment and hope to eventually make these tools available to any publisher that wants to use them.

But that's not all. In the past few weeks, we also announced improvements to First Click Free, a simple way for publishers that charge for their content to make it discoverable through Google News and Google Search. And we launched a Google News specific crawler, making it even easier for news publishers to control whether their content is included in Google News and Google Search.

We continue to engage with publishers on a regular basis, to find out first-hand how we can work together to tackle some of the challenges of the online world from a technological perspective. We look forward to continue exploring new ways to display news and help publishers make more money from their content.

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Posted by Clara Armand-Delille, Communications and Public Affairs Manager