Google to invest in German solar power plant

Thursday, April 7, 2011 | 10:06 AM


Today, we agreed to make our first clean energy project investment in Europe - a €3.5 million (ca. $ 5 million) investment in a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Germany. The transaction still requires the formal approval of the German competition authorities and is subject to other customary closing conditions.

The recently completed facility is located on 47 hectares (116 acres) in Brandenburg an der Havel, near Berlin. The power plant has a peak capacity of 18.65MWp, which puts it among the largest in Germany.

Google is always looking for new ways to encourage development and deployment of renewable energy across the world. This facility will provide clean energy to more than 5,000 households in the area surrounding Brandenburg. Until the early 90’s, the site was used as a training ground by the Russian military. We’re glad it has found a new use!

We agreed to jointly invest in this project with the German private equity company Capital Stage, which brings strong experience in the German photovoltaic and renewable energy market. Germany has a strong framework for renewable energy and is home to many leading-edge technology companies in the sector. More than 70% of the solar modules installed in Brandenburg are provided by German manufacturers.

After investing in clean energy projects in the U.S., we’re excited about making our first investment outside of the U.S. in Germany, a country that has long been a global leader in clean energy development.


niko said...

well done google !

P.S. said...

If installed power peak is 18.65MWp that there is not possibility to €3.5 million to be 49%. In Slovakia (and we are little bit cheaper then Germany installation) you can count around 2,5€ per Wp (with thin-film down to 2€ per Wp) of installation cost. 18 650 000 Wp times 2 € = 37,3 million €. Thus 3.5 million is less than 10%.

Vaidas said...

Hi there,

Could someone please name the company that Google invested in?

Can't find anywhere...



Ethan Lipman said...

I'm stoked to see Google investing in a clean energy future! Storing our ever increasing treasure trove of youtube videos, mail attachments, and picasa albums have real energy and environmental consequences. Kudos to Google for actively pursuing clean energy to power their business.

I hope other companies with large data center power demands get on board the clean energy train as well. We're all in this together!

Abhijeet said...

I got a 404 page not found error for following URL

Cecile said...

That's a good thing for Google and Europe. I'm not very surprised about this, Germany has always been a leader in clean energy development and plus solar power really needs to be promoted in Europe.


Bob H said...

I like what Google has done with solar towers in the US, but I am dubious about Photovoltaic generation. Making a PV panel is a silicon doping process which produces polluting elements at the output. The environmental impact of that production seems to be a pollution risk to me, not to mention the carbon footprint of actually producing the panels.

I love renewable energies, but I am concerned by the on-going environmental impact of PV.

Well done Google, but...

abbiz said...

Clean and Great job Google, Sucses thing.

Casona El Cruceral de Pirque said...

I need to know a Google invest departament call number or a mail to offer an interesting energy proyect.
I am José Valle from Chile.

Edward Robins said...

This is nice. Renewable source of energy is important.

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