We’ve all been there: your online map has delivered you safely to your destination but once you enter the building itself, you get lost in an unfamiliar world. Whether you’re trying to find an exhibit within the tangled passages of a museum, looking for your gate at the airport, or seeking a place to grab a coffee before your train leaves the station, you often have to rely on a freestanding map with a ‘You Are Here’ sign, or a friendly employee to guide you.

But at Google we’re trying to fix this. Starting today, Google Maps users in Belgium can enjoy a fast and convenient way to navigate indoors in places such as retail stores, museums, galleries and train stations as we introduce accurate floor plans of many locations.

We’ve initially got indoor maps for over 60 locations such as BOZAR, The Centre for Fine Arts, the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Universities of Louvain-la-Neuve, Ghent and Brussels and also included are a number of churches and university campuses (see here for a selected list).

For Android users who have updated to the latest version of Google Maps, detailed floor plans will automatically appear when you’re viewing the map and zoomed in on a building where indoor maps are available. In many locations the familiar blue dot indicates your location within several meters, and when you move up or down a level in a building with multiple floors, the interface will automatically update to display which floor you’re on.

This launch is part of our focus on our European users - our indoor maps are available in many locations across the UK, France, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden and we’re continuing to expand our coverage quickly.