There’s an old joke: “The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you just learned this morning”. Like many such sayings it has a grain of truth. As teachers know better than most, education is a lifelong pursuit and there’s always more you can learn—especially in fast-changing and relatively young fields like computer science.

It’s in this spirit that Google’s European Education team have embarked on their latest initiative: CS on Air. Making use of the broadcast feature in G+ Hangouts, it consist of a series of video discussions on topics related to teaching computer science, which you can join in live on the Google in Education G+ page or watch later on YouTube.

So far there have been three sessions:
  • Professor Peter McOwen illustrating how card magic tricks can be a fun introduction to computer science topics such as data compression and image recognition

  • Professor Paul Curzon talking about how the challenge of helping someone with locked-in syndrome to communicate can serve as a bridge to computational concepts like the efficiency of algorithms and frequency analysis

  • Lynette Webb sharing some of her favourite stories from the earliest days of computing, and ideas for how they could be used to inspire and engage in a classroom setting

More sessions are planned for the coming months, including speakers from elsewhere in Europe and beyond. As new sessions are scheduled you’ll be able to see them here, or sign up to follow the Google In Education G+ page for alerts to upcoming events. Suggestions for future sessions are welcome, so let us know if you’ve got any special requests or ideas for topics.