The dancers wore colorful linen dresses, a design dating back to the times of the Austro Hungarian Empire. They hopped and skipped to violin-infused beats drawn from the Tatra Mountains. Slovakia boasts a rich history, folklore and traditions and we are delighted to bring it online in a year-long program titled Google to a Slovak Note.

At the project’s recent launch event in Bratislava, the Google Slovak team dressed up in traditional costumes and danced to traditional tunes.

Our project aims to support Slovak tourism and encourage the country’s young generation to remember their roots and heritage. The initiative has been welcomed by Slovakia’s Ministry of Culture, as adding to the important work already undertaken by our partners, the Slovak Folk Art Ensembles Lúčnica, the Slovak Cultural Center and SĽUK.

Google products are being mobilized in the effort to bring Slovak culture online. Our Street View brings online both Slovakia’s man-made and physical beauty. Google maps now include panoramic images of beautiful Slovak towns, as well as soaring peaks of the Tatra and Pieniny National Park and the National Park Slovak Karst. Spa lovers can go on a virtual walk visiting many of Slovak’s famous spas, including Piešťany spa, Bardejovské spa, Rajecké and Trenčianske Teplice. Additional sights of historic interest will be added over the coming year.

The Google homepage doodle is dedicating space to the cause. On launch day, the Google doodle featured Juraj Janosik – Slovakia’s version of Robin Hood. Previously there have also been doodles celebrating leading Slovak writers, such as Ľudovít Štúr, Martin Kukučín and Anton Bernolák.

Google is also helping to digitise classic Slovak literary works, such as the first Slovak grammar book, “Grammatica Slavica”, which helped transform a spoken dialect into a literary language. Written by Anton Bernolák in 1790, this is just one of 50,000 original Slavic works from the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire housed in the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

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