Please be careful when you are trying to impress Daisy Duck. Not everybody is who they seem to be. If you give away your password, then you can end up with someone stealing your rich uncle's fortune!

Does this sound strange? Well, it makes perfect sense if you read a recent special edition of the Donald Duck magazine in Norway focused on online safety. We recently teamed up with industry associations and public and private partners to produce the magazine. More than 300,000 copies were distributed to Norwegian kindergartens.

Kids growing up in this digital age use the Internet for pretty much everything; entertainment, communication, education and when they get that far; new technologies will play an important role in their work. Never has a generation needed digital guidance as the one growing up now. And we were thinking: who would be a better digital guide for kids than Donald Duck?

In the book, Donald gets himself into trouble. He is guarding his uncle’s fortune with the help of a gigantic robot but trying as always to charm Daisy Duck - this time on the Internet. An unsuspecting Donald is lured into downloading a virus and giving away his password to Magica de Spell on “Duckbook”. No surprise: she takes control of the robot and the fortune.

However, all ends well, Donald even gets a prize for his digital skills and hopefully Donald and the tips and tricks in the magazine helps kids to safely enjoy the benefits of the Internet.